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AtoZ Database Login

This is where you can enter in specific demographics, i.e. business type, geography, business size, etc.  

Click here to access AtoZ


  1. Scroll down the page to "AtoZdatabases" and click link:

  2. Enter access library code: 20398006427409

  3. Scroll down to "Mailing Lists, Sales Leads, Emails | Advanced Searching"

  4. Click "Get Started" by "30 million businesses and executives."

  5. Make your selections:  Typically, state, SIC code or business type, and employee size. 

  6. Select "Records with a Deliverable Address and Phone Number."

  7. Click Records Per Page - set to 100 

  8. Select box at the top where it says business name.  This will select all 100 businesses, go to the next page, repeat until you have the amount of businesses you want.  

  9. Select "download" and the select the file type (usually Excel).

If you need further instructions, please email Christina Rumfelt at

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